I welcome bespoke, personalised and MTO (made to order) inquiries from those who enjoy the beauty, range and depth of colour the modern seed beads offer us nowadays. Designing and making a commissioned piece is labour intensive, but patience, thorough preparation, and attention to detail produces beautiful and unique heirloom-quality pieces that with care will be treasured by their owners for a lifetime, and beyond.

Commissions are priced and quoted individually (and promptly) after a full discussion on your ideas and requirements. If you’re Thanet-based a face-to-face meeting is a good option, and I currently travel into central London fairly frequently. Alternatively, use the contact form to send me your telephone number and I will call you back at your convenience.

It helps us both hugely if you have a think-through your desires and needs before we discuss your project, and perhaps gather together a mood-board, maybe on Pinterest, and/or images that appeal, attract and inspire you, or the person you are indulging. The initial briefing consultation is not chargeable, all time put into the project afterwards is.

I am happy to work up my designs in alternative colour-ways (and others’ too, where the designer’s copyright permits).

Colours can be a good starting point to work with for personalised pieces, as they have cultural and folk-lore meanings that we can often relate to:

colour culture