Online purchases can be made on ETSY, which uses a secure and trusted payment system and accepts credit/debit cards, gift vouchers, Paypal, etc, and where many more of my pieces are listed, or you can buy from me direct which is better value on postage costs.

For purchases from Beadecked By Beads outside of Etsy I use Paypal for all transactions. Paypal invoices are sent promptly for payment via Paypal, prior to dispatch. This does does not require you to have a Paypal account, and you can use a credit/debit card if you don’t have a Paypal account. I can also take debit/credit card payments over the phone (using a secure Paypal terminal, which I take to the public events I attend).

Receipts are sent for all online purchases, please let me know if I’m sending a gift on your behalf, and I will send you the receipt separately.