IMG_0274Hi. My name is Sarah, I’m a bead artist, and I run Beadecked By Beads from my home-studio in Westbrook Bay, Margate, in the UK.

I hand-weave, one-by-one, tiny glass beads, known as seed beads, to create colourful, exquisitely detailed, artisan jewellery, accessories, and seasonal decorations – to be-deck you, your loved ones and your home.

I’m inspired by the beautifully atmospheric surroundings of my home town – in Thanet, in Kent, the garden of England. Beach-combed finds from my local coastline are now influencing my work too. Moving to Margate in 2017 was a long-held dream, realised recently after many years living and working in South London. I’m very happy to be part of the local artistic business community here.

I use traditional bead-weaving techniques in my jewellery, from across the continents, combined with modern interpretations and materials, to create small pieces of art that are light, durable and comfortable, delightful for both everyday and special occasion wear.

I love to create fresh and bright, striking, sometimes quirky, colour combinations for my work. I often incorporate enamelled, ceramic and polymer clay elements, my own and other designers’, and I love to work with hand-blown glass beads crafted by renowned artisan lamp-workers. I also use semi-precious gem stones, shells and Swarovski crystals.

The making process is labour intensive, but it’s therapeutic too. Patience produces beautiful, rare, limited edition, and often unique, heirloom-quality treasures, that with care will give their owners a lifetime of pleasure, and beyond. It’s always a labour of love too. I’ve been been honing my seed-beading skills for 35 years, and am honoured to play a part in the resurgence of this heritage-rich creative medium.

My jewellery ranges are finished with sterling silver chains, clasps and ear-wires. Other metals, including gold, copper and base-types are also utilised, when the design or functionality of a piece calls for it, or a client prefers it. Hypo-allergenic and screw-fitted ear-wires are always available on request and fitted free-of charge.

I sell my work online, at craft fairs and festivals and in selected retail stockists and galleries. It is showcased on this website, in themed collections, and you can buy it online on ETSY where many more pieces are listed, or you can buy from me direct using the contact form. I’m on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too.

I occasionally make and sell components for other artists and designers; collaborations and inquiries are always welcomed.


Are available for retail stockists and galleries. See my SOR Agreement for more details. My current wholesale price lists are available on request.

BIG THANKS GO TO:  Philip Le Maistre, of Grey Fox Photography, Ramsgate, who shot some of the pieces on this website. All images, and all my items, are my copyright, and they must not be copied without my prior permission.

A small gallery of photos I’ve taken on my local beach…….


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I advise that all my jewellery and accessories should be kept away from excessive cold and sunlight to prevent damage as they are made primarily from heat-treated glass – which can obviously break if dropped from a height onto a hard surface! My designs are engineered not to break in normal wearing conditions, and in the unlikely event that it happens I will repair or replace the piece. With gentle care to prevent the threads and glass being damaged by water, perfumes and cleaning chemicals, my seed beaded pieces are of heirloom quality. Some of my bead collection are retro/vintage, dating back to the 20’s through to the 70’s, so their light fastness qualities are unknown, though I reckon if they’ve lasted well this long they are probably good for quite a few more years too. Some of the latest generation of  modern seed beads can have dyed coatings that can rub off, so I tend not to use these in jewellery, reserving them for the decorations only, and I will alert you if a piece of jewellery does contain them so that you can make an informed buying decision. Lamp-worked beads are hand-blown/wound glass and need to be treated respectfully; they should not be given as gifts to children.

Location and Full Contact Details
Sarah Gibbon
Westbrook Bay, Margate, Kent, UK
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